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Dave Redick: Author and Speaker


See the text of the Monetary book at part 2 in the left margin, and 'Rebuild America Now' at part 1.

Contents: Part 1;
                   1A - :'Redicks' Plan to Save the USA',
                   1B -  Redick Supports 'Occupy Peace'
                   1C -  Dave's Books
                   1D -  'Use Gold as Money' project
                  Part 2- Other Topics
Part 1:
Part 1A: 'Redicks' Plan to Save the USA'
 (The following text is from Chapter 5 of Daves' book 'Build the New GOP'. See it at part 1 in the left margin of this site.)
Comment: Key goals of the plan are to restore the traditional 'limited government' principles of the GOP. This will increase Peace and Prosperity by reducing the size and 'reach' of the Federal government by about 80% and transferring needed functions (some will  be ended) to the States, with only the Departments of State, Treasury, and Defense remaining in DC. Unconstitutional Federal laws will be abolished ASAP, starting with the ones that are causing harm and affect all States (such as ObamaCare).
In particular, the Federal Reserve System will be abolished and minting of coins (from precious metal) will be done by the States in accordance with Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, plus private mints. The Founders knew how fiat paper money (not redeemable for gold) is ALWAYS abused by printing excessive quantities (Monetary Inflation) and causing Price Inflation. Today it is done with computers and fractional-reserve banking. Our world-wide  'Empire-USA' and its' wars will be of no interest to the States, nor could they fund them.
The people will be able to 'vote with their feet' as they choose to live in States with low taxes and corruption, etc. All this is in keeping with the original intent of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, but people like Alexander Hamilton  (who led the 'Federalists'), and James Madison, pushed for a large central government, and prevailed over the 'Anti-Federalists', led by Thomas Jefferson and George Mason (an activist, but never ran for election). The predictable results of excessive spending, controls, and monetary debasement have brought our economy, currency, and culture to the edge of failure. It is time to push back the Federal monster and restore States Rights. See more in the links to my published essays posted at part 8 in the left margin of my site www.Forward-usa.org, and the two below in particular.

1) Restoration of States Rights and Sound Money are Needed to End Decline of the USA Economy’        Sep. 9, 2015


2) Save the USA by Restoring Government to its proper Role’,Nov. 2, 2014



Chapter 5:  How to ‘Save the USA’

 As you read this chapter, please keep in mind this fundamental issue: Our Founders wrote in the preamble, ‘We the People … do ordain and establish this Constitution...’. I say the time has come for We the People to re-ordain and re-establish our Constitution, and make our government officials, and judges, comply with it by engaging in a non-violent rebellion. Most (well over 50%) of our laws and spending since 1932 and ALL of our wars since 1776 have been unconstitutional, and started based on lies (see Appendix 1; P.131; ‘Wars and the Lies that Start Them’). The result has been a serious cultural (more irresponsible and illegal conduct, violence, and corruption by citizens and government) and economic (excessive spending, taxes, and debt) decline in the USA!

  It is time to fight back to restore the rule of law, and stop the abuse and crimes done by self-serving politicians and their corporate and 'more-government, Progressive' friends!

 The list of issues in Chapter 4 must be dealt with. Please do your part by choosing a topic there and working to solve it. Owners of this book are authorized to copy pages and send them to their federal or state legislators to urge them to act on my recommendations.

 An important goal is to restore traditional American values, principles, and compliance with the Constitution.

 I focus on the federal government in DC because it does the most harm with unconstitutional wars, fake money, plus excess spending, taxes, and debt. This is only possible with fake money that is also the world's primary 'reserve currency', since people, firms, and banks, at home and worldwide, will accept it for payment and keep it as a safe 'store of value'. Thus, only the USA can pay its bills with an unending supply of new money. This feeds the spending on excessive imports (thus ‘off shoring of jobs), welfare, pork, wars, and corruption in the USA! It allows DC to impose unconstitutional 'national' laws (on abortion, drugs, free emergency care at hospitals, etc.) that pre-empt state laws and prerogatives, because the State’s executives are shameless beggars and must comply or lose some funding. This free ride will end when the world tires of accepting our fake money due to fears our economy is failing. This tragic end of our fake prosperity started with the massive Keynesian-style ‘Quantitative Easing’ (QE-1, 2, 3-infinity; flood the economy with money!) 'stimulus' programs by the Federal Reserve, started in 2009 and funded by  newly created fake money which will eventually result in major price inflation (caused by a major loss of US Dollar value; 50% or more?)!! This approach ignores the need for Supply-Side-style ‘investment incentive’ tax reductions and low regulation to revive the economy and create new jobs. The USA is now likely to decline (by 2017, 2020?) to a middle-class 'post-empire' nation, operating on a smaller budget. The examples are former 'empire nations' such as England, Spain, and France. Refer to Chapter 2 'Empires'.

 One benefit of the USA being cash-poor will be the termination of wars, foreign bases, and foreign 'aid' (bribery) we can no longer afford; A classic case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

 A major economic development is occurring in the U.S. due to development of ‘fracturing’ methods for releasing gas and oil contained in shale rock deep underground. The estimated reserves, and building the wells to tap them, could make the USA the leading producer and exporter of oil and gas in the world! This would be a ‘game changer’ that could; 1) Increase Federal revenue from various fees, and thus reduce our debt, 2) Create jobs, and 3) Help Pres. Obama ‘squeeze by’ the ‘fiscal cliff ’ his spending has created! His post-election approval of the final portion of the Keystone pipeline to deliver tar-sands oil from Canada to refineries in Houston will add to the revenue. But these dreams crashed in 2015 when the Saudis reduced oil prices to damage competition such as US Shale oil.

My plan is shown below. You can get a digital copy of this entire book at Part 1 in the left margin of my Forward-USA.org site. Some of the topics in the plan have been discussed in prior chapters, but the Plan ties them all together.

 My Plan: ‘Save the USA by Restoring Government to Its Proper Role’


The USA is at a tipping point where spending and tax reductions and legal reforms must be made or we will have a more severe economic crash than we have experienced since 2008. Due primarily to increases of our money supply (monetary inflation) to support government spending, the US Dollar (USD) has lost over 95% of its purchasing power since 1913 (when the Fed started), and faces further losses if we don’t reduce spending soon. The GOP ‘Path to Prosperity’ plan, submitted in March-2012 and again in Mar-2013, by Rep, (and former VP Candidate, now Speaker of the House) Paul Ryan sounds good, but only asks for minor spending cuts while saying nothing about our failing monetary system and costly military bases and wars (only military ‘inefficiencies’!). The world views us as a failing empire and other major nations are making preparations to replace our dominance in financial and political matters, including the USD’s status as the world’s primary ‘reserve currency’ (any seller or lender will accept and keep it), which allows us to create new money to pay our bills! (and we abuse it!). In 1968, then French President Charles de Gaulle called it our ‘exorbitant privilege’. My plan to ‘Save the USA’ shows how we can reduce our arrogant excesses and avoid an economic and political crash.

 The Original USA Attitude

Let’s look at our nation’s history to see how we got into the economic and cultural mess we are in.

The USA has evolved in government and geography in many steps. When the thirteen colonies in America won their independence from England upon signing the ‘The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783’ on September 3, 1783, they were referred to as ‘...free sovereign and independent states..’  In order to better coordinate their activities and defense, they created the ‘Articles of Confederation‘ on November 15, 1777, then the ‘US Constitution’ on September 17, 1787, and the USA was born! Both of these documents; 1. Treated the States as sovereign entities, and 2. Were a specific list of limited powers and duties granted to the central government by the States and people. The concept was (and is) that if the power to do or legislate something is not granted therein, the government has no authority to do it, except by amendment.

Part 1B:

This announces that David Redick is a supporter of ‘Occupy Peace’. a project of the ‘Trends Research Institute’ (TrendsResearch.com), led by Founder and Director Gerald Celente. The text below is from their new web site OccupyPeace.us, which started on Sep. 21, 2015.


Global forecaster Gerald Celente's vision for creating a new kind of peace movement became a super-charged reality when his Occupy Peace rally took over the streets of historic Kingston, NY, on Sept. 20, 2015, to the beat of many different drums and the words of some of the country's most provocative and thoughtful challengers of the status quo.

Motioning toward the nearby Ulster County Court House, Celente told the crowd that the seeds of political freedom and liberty had first been planted there, seeds that ultimately comprised 90 percent of the country's constitution.

"And now they've been taken away from us by mad men and mad women that can't stop the march to war." He told the crowd, "You are the beginning of the new movement to occupy peace, not only abroad but to bring peace back home, because that military mindset is robbing us of our freedom and liberty too."

With those words, the platform of Occupy Peace was launched,


See Dave's book ‘Occupy Peace Now’ at part 1 in the left margin of this site. The book offers Dave's ideas in support of 'Occupy Peace', but is not authorized or endorsed by Mr. Celente.



Part 1C: Here is a list of Dave's books. All are 6X9 in. paperbacks and available for $10 to $15 each, as shown on Amazon.com. Dates are shown for original and current edition.

 1. Rebuild America Now’, June-2009, Nov-2015, 156 p.; Presents a broad range of problems and solutions about the Federal government.


2. ‘Monetary Revolution USA’,  Jan-2010, July-2014, 146 p.; Presents the history status, problems, and solutions for our monetary system; No Fed, use gold as money, and allow private mints. (see text at part 2 in the left margin of this site)


3. 'How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth', April-2014, Dec-2015, 110 p. Chapters 1 to 3 are a condensed version of book #2 above ('Monetary Revolution USA') and Chapter 4 describes how to protect your wealth with trusts, and internationalization to minimize taxes, avoid currency value losses, confiscation by governmment, and capital controls. 


4. 'Your Guide to Wealth Management'; Jan-2016, 126 p; Hire Dave as your 'Guide' to help you find the sources for investment and management that you prefer.


5. 'What a Libertarian President Would Do'; May-2013, Nov-2015, 156 p.; How a program of limited government, gold coins as money, compliance with the Constitution, and a non-Interventionist foreign policy will bring more Peace, Prosperity and Justice to all U.S. citizens, and the world.


6. 'Occupy Peace Now', Oct-2015, 160 p.; This is an unauthorized effort to help 'Occupy Peace' (www.OccupyPeace.us), a project of 'TrendsResearch.com. Gerald Celente, Founder and Director.


7.  'Trump for President in 2016'; Aug-2015,156 p.; Presents the benefits of having Donald Trump as the GOP Nominee, and how he can beat Hillary if she is the Dem. Nominee!

 8. ‘Build the New GOP’, March-2013, March-2016, 150 p.; A manual for new-generation candidates and leaders.  Renew traditional policies of limited government, low taxing, and low spending.

Part 1D: The People's Commission for Using Gold as Money

The 'People's Commission for Using Gold as Money' is a project of the Forward USA Foundation and operates at the site www.SaferInvesting.org. The Commission is a grass roots organization aimed at implementing a Private Gold Standard in the USA as defined in chapter 4 of Dave's book 'Monetary Revolution USA' (shown in Part 2 of the left margin of this site).

Key provisions of the Plan are:
a) The government would have no role in owning or managing the monetary system, except its proper legal role to verify/audit reserves that mints claim to hold for redemption of 'representative' money (per item c). This could be done by private firms also.
b) Private mints would be allowed, with license optional, and would issue both gold coins (perhaps just a gold disk in the center), and 'representative' paper notes and token coins (per item c below) if redeemable for gold. They would be required inform the public of the amount of gold they physically possess (not just a certificate for an 'unallocated' share of gold held by a third party) for redemption of notes and tokens. Minting by the government Treasury would be optional and have no privileges over private mints, thus allowing competing currencies. Other precious metals (such as silver) could be used, but gold has usually been preferred by the free market (users of money; see 'Monetary Rules' in chapter 4 of Dave's book). The private mints will decide which metals to use, based on market demand, which will vary by geographical area. Market demand will also determine the value of gold relative to other metals.
c) 'Representative money' such as paper notes and base-metal 'token' coins could be used
(they are just 'receipts' for the real money, which is gold), but by law would be subject to redemption for gold by bearer on demand. No specific percent of reserves for money issued would be required. If users of a mint's money were not confident of adequate gold reserves for redemption, they would use money from another mint. This gives incentive for mints to be honest and provide a good product. The Free Market at work!
d) There would be no central bank or legal tender laws,  and multi-state branch banking would be allowed (with license optional),
e) 'Weight of gold' would be the unit of account. This means prices would be set as a weight of gold (with stated fineness, such as 14 carat). The weight and fineness would appear on the coin, and no 'name' such as 'dollar' would be required. Names make it too easy for governments to change the amount of gold they represent.

Gold will have no 'price' (in 'dollars', etc.), and is not 'backing' for 'money', because it IS money. It has an exchange rate with other nations' money. It is also a store of value.

f) The conversion of the US Monetary System to using gold as money would follow the 'Five-Step Plan' shown in chapter 4 of Dave's Monetary book. Note that M3 is used as the amount funded by our supply of gold, with 100% reserves for redemption, which means all holders of US cash and Treasuries are funded ('Federal Reserve Notes' would be redeemable, but would be converted to 'new' money within two years). Other plans have used M1, and as low as 20% reserves, which amounts to repudiation of long term debt, and increases the risk of a 'redemption run'. Other nations would be informed of US plans, but no international planning conferences would be held (they would just slow the process and dilute the gold content). Once the US (or maybe Germany first !) converts to gold, I predict all other nations will have to or Sellers will not accept their trash fiat paper! As gold money becomes dominate, no 'reserve currency' system will be needed, then currency manipulation (pegs, monetary inflation, etc.) and the foreign exchange industry will end. Good!

The primary benefit of using gold is to end the government's ability to create money 'out of thin air' to fund its excessive spending for wars (all US wars since the Revolution have been for political and economic goals, not homeland defense), welfare, and subsidies to get votes. It also complies with Article 1, Section 8, of the US Constitution which empowers the government to 'coin money' (the Founders had recent experience in the abuse and damage caused by fiat - no gold backing- money), and in Section 10 for States to '...not make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment....'. Note the absence of authority to create a central bank, or a private bank such as the Federal Reserve System, which acts like one!. 

Here are some Key Issues and benefits that are part of using Gold as Money:

1) There is always ‘enough’ gold because its value (purchasing power) per ounce, with a near-fixed supply (mining only increases the supply by about 1.5% per year), APPRECIATES with more demand (growth of GDP). The opposite is true (ie, depreciation) in  a shrinking GDP. It stays in balance based on supply and demand. We are all accustomed to constant depreciation due to excessive expansion of the money supply and debt by the Fed (monetary inflation; reduced purchasing power) to fund the excessive spending of government and banks!

2) Savings are enhanced (more deposits, plus growth in value) because of the appreciation in item 1 above. Thus there is more capital for private investment.

3)  Most nations run short of money if they import too much, and suffer loss in currency value (reduced exchange rate) if they create new money to pay for it. BUT, the issuer of the world’s primary reserve currency (today the USA) can issue new money with little short-term effect on value. This is called our ‘exorbitant privilege’ ! The imports reduce domestic purchases and production and thus cause ‘offshoring’ of jobs, technology, and factories. This would be ended by conversion to a gold standard because it does not allow unlimited creation of new money. 

4) When any major nation converts to a gold standard (today it could be USA, Germany, or China since they all have the GDP size and tonnes of gold needed), then all nations would have to, or no merchant or bank would accept their trash fiat paper (or at least impose a big forex discount). Also, the ‘reserve currency’ concept would wither because all gold standard currencies would be ‘good’ (if reserves were strong), and thus the IMF, World Bank, BIS, G20, etc. would become obsolete and wither.

Redickd@aol.com, 608-469-8922
Thanks, Dave

5) The market value of gold money in a transaction is equal to the market value of the good or service being bought or sold, not just a ‘symbolic’ amount (such as ‘face value’) that  people have agreed on
History shows us that a monetary system using precious metals as money is the path to peace and prosperity, and ALWAYS works.

Conferences will be held in locations across America to discuss how to make the federal government adopt our Private Gold Standard. Educating members of the U.S. Congress and State legislators will be a priority. State branches of the Forward USA Foundation will be setup to organize this work

The next conference will be announced soon. Stay Tuned.

If you wish to be added to our news list, or attend a conference, send Dave a message at; RedickD@aol.com

Part 2: More Info About Government and Economics



The USA is a failing empire, with all of the major signs such as;
1) A fiat paper currency (not redeemable for a commodity such as gold) falling in value (purchasing power),
2) A corrupt government which ignores the Constitution and many laws, and
3) Consumer-oriented citizens that expect the government to take care of them with entitlements funded by fake or 'other people's money'.

All empires in history have failed, and the USA is in the failure stage  (see part 5 in the left margin of this site). Over 90% of our Congress persons are careerists who will do almost anything to keep and enhance their plush jobs and pensions. The same applies to the Executive branch and all the bureaucrats who work for it and Congress. Most of them are self-serving parasites. We must fight them and restore our government to its proper role of just defending our rights, as written in the Constitution. It is not the government's job to manage the economy and control our lives and the world! Our current economic and social problems show they make things worse! History, and the world around us today, proves that free enterprise and limited government work best to create more peace, prosperity, liberty, justice and morality (less lying and theft) for all.

This essay gives an update, including comments on the 'Bomb Syria' mess;

Empire-USA is Crashing: Loss of Power Over Nations Abroad; Broke and Decadent at Home


The message of the Forward-USA Foundation consists of this web site, and my books shown above. See my bio at Part 6 in the left margin of this site. 

The goal of the project is to bring awareness to US citizens
 of the causes of, and  solutions to, our serious social, economic, and governance problems, so we can all enjoy more peace, prosperity, liberty, justice, and ethics. As more people become concerned about the likely crash of the US Dollars' value (purchasing power), the precarious state of our economy,  and our illegal and immoral (power and oil seeking) ‘Empire-USA’, we will have mass support to bring pressure on Congress to make changes in our national policies.

See my published writings at Part 8 in the left margin. While there, please notice these Key Issues;

  1) My Economic Plan; 'Save the USA by Restoring Government to Its proper Role'. Go to: http://www.activistpost.com/2011/04/save-usa-by-restoring-government-to-its.html#more  (It is also in Chapter 5 of the 'Rebuld America Now' book)

This plan includes spending cuts, elimination of unconstitutional federal departments and agencies, abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and conversion to the gold standard with private mints. Deficit spending will be ended in two years. History shows us that this approach ALWAYS results in more peace, prosperity, liberty and justice for all. Let's get started!!

The 2013 plans in Congress shows deficits 25 years or forever, and allows the Fed to continue creating fake money. This is unsustainable, and doomed for failure!

  2) My Monetary Plan; It will bring sustainable prosperity by converting our monetary system to the gold standard, thus ending excessive government spending, non-defense wars, unconsitutional welfare, and corporate subsidies. Go to;

My essay on Independent Thinking; It can help get US citizens out of their 'sheeple' (follow the leader to whatever) habits. Go to;

 4) My free-market based Plan for Health Care; It will provide cheaper and better care. Go to; 

My other  'Constitution-Based' positions are shown on the list below. This list will give you a quick introduction to my views. Each is numbered the same as the main ‘Issues’ section at Part 3 in the left margin of this site, which offers detailed info on the 33 issues shown below.

A Quick Look at my Issue Positions; pro- and anti-

 Issue #  (See details in Part 3 in left margin)

1, 11,12, 18, 19, 27,29,30,31,32,33.  pro Constitution, Liberty, states rights, property, guns
2.   pro Core principle (Government’s primary job is to protect our rights, etc.)
3, 28.  pro Sound money (gold as money), low debt, taxes and spending
4.   pro Terrorism is a crime, not a war. See #5 also
5, 6. anti 'Interventionist Foreign Policy', anti 'War for Empire', pro Defense
7,   pro Protect US Sovereignty
8,   pro Private Health Care
9, 10, 18, 24, 25, 26. pro Free Enterprise Capitalism
13,   pro Women’s Choice
15. pro Private Education (no license or taxes for any schools)
16, 23. pro Environment, and Sustainable Energy
17. pro Legal Immigration, anti benefits for illegal aliens
20, 21, 13. pro Socially moderate 
22.  anti Drug Abuse. End counterproductive War on Drugs 

Other topics are discussed in this Home page, and at Part 8 'Dave's Writings' in the left margin. Please tell your friends about my issue positions.  


Our Story
What you read here will expose how greedy, self-serving, people and groups since our nation's founding have sought money, laws, and court rulings from our government at all levels (city, county, state, federal) to support their 'projects' (or for personal gain) while they and Congress ignore the constitution. The result has been a counterproductive increase in government spending, and control of our economy and lives. The analyses herein are fully supported by fact and logic. All conclusions are based on cause-and-effect correlation of events (results of policies and actions). Many writers settle for just correlation, and assume or imply cause-and-effect; a fatal error in logic. I take a comprehensive, integrated, approach, and will show how power-seekers use lies and fake-money (Part 8-A2 in the left margin) to control national economies and restrict personal liberty. Imperial-style governments, and complicit 'banksters', create and use central banks to fund their treachery. History shows us that these empires always fail due to excess spending, debt and corruption (Part 5 in the left margin). Sadly, the USA is heading for failure unless we move quickly to mend our ways.

Please keep in mind this fundamental issue: Our Founders wrote in the preamble, ‘We the People … do ordain and establish this Constitution...’. I say the time has come for We the People to again ordain and establish our Constitution, and make our government officials, and judges, comply with it. Most (over 50%) of our laws and spending since 1932 have been unconstitutional! As discussed in Part 8-A and B in the left margin, ALL of our wars since 1776 have been unconstitutional, and started based on lies. It is time to fight back to restore the rule of law, and stop the abuse and crimes done by self-serving politicians and their corporate and 'more-government' Progressive friends!


A Constitutional Republic such as the USA depends on constant vigilance by its citizens to prevent takeover by the always present self-serving power seekers in our midst. Our citizens have become lazy in this regard, and our government's orientation toward empire, spending, corruption, and war are the bitter fruit of this neglect. It is my mission to renew our vigilance.

We got into our present economic and moral mess in the same way most nations in history have: Corrupt leaders (political and financial) using war, fake money, and debt to enhance their power. In order to get more re-election votes, campaign donations, wealth, and power, it has become 'normal' for our leaders and Congresspersons to support; a. Expensive, unconstitutional, programs, b. Counterproductive distortions of the free-market, and c. Non-defense wars for Empire based on lies. Many of their votes in Congress are to serve their friends and campaign donors, not 'We The People'. Our Federal government, and most States, have gone far astray and need to be restored to their proper roles in compliance with their constitutions. States Rights have withered as power, control and funding move to DC, where the (fake) money is. We have all the traits of a failing empire (see Part 5 in the left margin), as briefly stated in the three points below, and in detail on this site.

1. Economics: Our once productive economy has been weakened by fake money (Federal Reserve 'notes' made from thin air, not redeemable in a commodity, such as gold, with market value). See Parts 1 and 2 in left margin for the text of my 'Monetary Revolution' book that describes our monetary system problems, and shows how to convert our present monetary sytem to Gold as Money! The current Fed Notes can be made for just the cost of paper or computer digits, which allows us to spend to excess on wars and welfare, and import most of the goods we once made (and thus jobs are exported) so we have become a 'consumer economy' using debt for our high life style. Politicians and Banksters love it, but the party is over when the money drops in value (as the Dollar has, and continues to). This spending is only possible because the US Dollar is the primary world's reserve currency (nations and firms buy and sell with it worldwide), and anybody will accept and keep it as we create more (monetary inflation). However, it is losing value as we expand the money supply to pay our bills and debts (and 'stimulate' the economy with QE1, 2, 3, etc.), and will crash within 2 to 5 years unless we reduce spending and debt! Crony-Capitalism and corporate subsidies have replaced free-enterprise and competition. Corruption is routine and rampant. 

2. Personal Rights: Our civil rights are being voided and abused as government (especially the Feds, who have all the money) and the police act like our boss, rather than our servant as defined by the Constitution. Warrantless wire-tapping, FISA, TSA, absence of habeas corpus, and SWAT teams restricting our right to assemble, are but a few examples. We are becoming a Police State!

3. Morals: Our leading faults are; a) The death, maiming and displacement of people, and damage to their land, caused by our wars for Empire (oil, etc., not defense), and b) Our income tax system that is based on gang-theft-by-vote (group A votes to take money from Group B, 'the rich, etc.', to give to Group C, 'schools, the poor, farmers, pals, etc.'). Once the majority of a nation's voters accept this form of taxing (often using the excuses 'we all benefit', or make the rich pay their 'fair share', etc.), the door to excess taxation and spending is open, and the government grows like a cancer. Use of 'progressive' rates to increase the percent tax on higher incomes (a penalty on success) adds to the offense. The government is soon viewed as a 'money pot' to do anything 'nice' or 'needed' (the Constitution is ignored), and most people strive for a part of it. Some say 'we need taxes in order to adequately fund our social welfare projects'. I say if you want to help someone, voluntary charity is the best way. It's more work to seek voluntary donations, but moral, and less is needed in a prosperous, work-oriented society. No fair using immoral funding methods to support your projects.

Reduce Government Spending by 50% or More

To help solve both the economic and moral issues above, we need at least a 50% reduction in government spending, and more use of fully compensatory 'user fees' (school tuition, parks, libraries, buses, etc.), would be a good start to needing less tax revenue, and end of the invasive and damaging IRS. See my Internet article at Part 8-A-1-g in the left margin. This would bring a form of free-market pricing (voluntary purchases; no subsidies) to government services: 'If people won't pay the full cost (not worth it), don't provide  it!' If people really want a service or product, the free-market will always provide it (if allowed by the government !), and history shows the cost to create, operate, and maintain it will be far below what the government cost would be. 'Rapid rail transit' is a good example. Contractors love to build them (and donate to the legislators who approved them), but ALL of them require subsidies to attract customers, and even so often have low usage. Buses are cheaper and allow more flexible (and adjustable) routing, but don't help politicians get elected! There are a million examples, and they are all dragging us down!

End Empire-USA, and Its Wars

Many of our problems relate to building and operating 'Empire-USA'.  We don't own many colonies ('territories'), but we have a lot of control over other nations, and have over 800 bases worldwide to 'assure compliance'. This is called an 'interventionist foreign policy' at best; some would say 'boss and bully'. The secret Grand Plan for our wars in Afghan (access for a pipeline to Turkmenistan), Iraq (oil and defense of Israel), and Libya (oil and evict China) is about getting their oil, and land for bases to control all oil and gas in the greater mid east , from the east of Caspian 'xxstans' to North Africa (Iran and Syria next?). We want it all, and want to exclude China, Russia, and India. All the Bush and Obama reasons for these wars (and the entire 'War on Terror'), such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, WMD and nation-building, are lies! They 'used' 911 as an excuse to bully the world and US citizens. See the 'True Reasons for War' essay at part 8-B-1 in the left margin. Thanks to Activistpost.com for sending on Nov. 9, 2014, this link by Joseph Davis and Ryan Dawson;  http://jdavismemphis.com/2012/05/31/who-really-did-911/. Another source is; http://www.bcrevolution.ca/911_photos_prove_hoax.html. Of course, don't assume I agree with every word. These wars, and our worldwide Empire projects, are illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, expensive, and counterproductive, and must be stopped promptly! They are for economic and political goals, not defense. It is a tragic abuse of our troops to send them to die, or be maimed, for these non-defense wars!!

Empires cost a lot of money to run and also create enemies. People don't like to have foreign troops on their soil, and violations of their culture. They especially hate invading 'occupiers', hence the attacks on our troops by locals and their 'insurgent' friends. Our bases create a lot of animosity, some violent, as we have seen with various bombings and 9-11 (see W. Pape's book 'Dying to Win', about suicide bombers; the poor man's nuke). The counterproductive results of Empire-USA are also covered in C. Johnson's three books 'The Blowback Trilogy'. Our current economic and military problems are the classic symptoms of an Empire in decline (see #5 'Empire' in the left margin).

The Imperial Presidency

The power of our Executive branch of the federal government has continued to grow since the Spanish-American War in 1898 (our first war of aggression for lands abroad) because of its accepted role in leading foreign affairs. The fake 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident led to the Vietnam War and LBJ's massive 'Guns and Butter' spending.Then Nixon abrogated our last monetary connection to gold in 1971, and spending took off even more!.

A big increase in executive power was forced by Bush and Cheney, who were the most aggressive in creating an 'Imperial Presidency', assisted by a meek, self-serving Congress. Long 'Signing Statements' changed laws already passed by Congress! Existing laws and the Constitution were ignored. After their election mandate in 2004, the Democrats took reform 'off the table', hoping to use the new powers later for themselves (and Obama is!). The Bush-Cheney plan was to rule the USA and the world from DC, with a focus on controlling access to cheap oil. Pre-emptive wars for economic and political goals (for oil and Israel, not homeland defense), bribes to foreign rulers, domestic pork and welfare, intimidation, assassinations, torture, and sponsored insurrections were their primary tools. The problem with such Imperialistic plans is that they are not only illegal and immoral, but they never work. Expenses, corruption, and backlash/blowback grow faster than the 'benefits'. Death, and destruction abroad, and a depression, loss of rights, and crushing debt at home, are the results we see around us today.Thus, the USA has declined from its peak of military and economic strength in the 1950 to 1970 period, and now faces serious problems. All empires fail in a similar way; a. Corruption, and b. Excessive spending at home and abroad.

Since history, and our own experience, shows that empires eventually do more harm than good to their homeland, it is obviously smart to not be one. England, France, Spain, and Russia had sense enough to back-off, and give up their colonies, when they faced going broke. The USA should do the same, and emerge as a good customer (with a strong negotiating position) as it enjoys peaceful trade worldwide. This is not a weak or 'peacenik' approach, it is the smart way to avoid economic and political failure. Fortunately, I have a plan to minimize the decline, and recover our strength. It is named; 'Save the USA by Restoring Government to Its proper Role'. Go to: http://www.activistpost.com/2011/04/save-usa-by-restoring-government-to-its.html#more

This plan includes spending cuts, elimination of unconstitutional federal departments and agencies, abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and conversion to the gold standard with private mints. Deficit spending will be ended in two years. History shows us that this approach ALWAYS results in more peace, prosperity, liberty and justice for all. Let's get started!!

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