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Dave Redick



Biography of Dave Redick


Personal: Dave was born in 1935 and grew up with his two brothers in a middle class family near Detroit, MI. When he was 14, the family moved to an 80-acre general farm near Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army Reserve. After 46 years in California, he moved to Madison, WI in 2004 to be near his family. 

 Education and Business: Dave won a four-year tuition scholarship to the University of Michigan, based on grades, activities (Sr. Class President, sports), and need, and started in the fall of 1953. He completed his BS-Engineering in 1958, and passed the academic exams for the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (EIT). He first worked as an aerospace engineer for 5 years (rocket engines and satellites) in California, and then started his career in telecom sales and management. In 1965 he earned an MBA with an Economics major from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA. After management positions in several other firms, in 1995 he became VP Sales, then President, of a wireless telecom consulting engineering firm www.hntelecom.com. He left in 2000 to be VP and cofounder of a Silicon Valley telecom startup ‘Fiberstreet’ (closed, see Google), and helped raise $6 million of venture capital.

 After earning his MBA in 1965, he added financial investing to his interests. In 1978 he became an activist in analyzing government political and economic affairs, with a special interest in monetary systems and Wealth Management. Since 2009 he has worked as a Speaker, and Author of books, on the interaction of governments, business, people, and economics. He uses the principles of Austrian Economics for his work. His financial views are shown in this books on Amazon.com, and at his site www.SaferInvesting.org.

Contact Dave at RedickD@aol.com . Thanks for your interest.